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One of the most popular platforms in the world to trade on FOREX and CFD markets

Sirix platform provides access to trading on the currency exchange markets using the NDD (No Dealing Desk) technology for professional traders and for newbies as well. It allows users to trade with the international banks directly, avoiding any intermediaries in the live trading atmosphere.

Easily adjustable proxy servers allow quick connection from any location, overcoming any barriers. The platform supports 14 languages.

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Sirix platform gives an opportunity to open an order in any window of the platform, even from a chart. The average speed of the order execution is less than one millisecond, which allows users to make transactions at the exact moment with the minimum slippage. Also, this becomes possible due to the cloud technology and placing servers on one platform with the majority of quotes aggregators and liquidity providers.

Depth of Market of Sirix platform offers the full selection of quotes of liquidity providers. The platform provides maximum transparency of the offered prices and relevant volumes. The high liquidity, asynchronous spot prices and small delays guarantee minimum spreads.

Charts in Sirix platform are designed with regard to the traders’ requirements. In the charts window there are all the necessary instruments for technical analysis and search of the trading signals. You can use analytical indicators from the library of the platform (includes all main indicators, oscillators, volatility indices) or create your own ones, as well as combine them. Charts have 14 standard time frames, including 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 12 hours, that will meet any trading strategy. Traders who use the cAlgo trading platform may create and use their own indicators.

The ChartShots function allows share shots of any chart momentarily with the two clicks. The platform creats a unique URL where the chart will be displayed with all settings, including scale, color scheme and technical analysis indicators. This link of the chart image can be sent via e-mail, uploaded to your blog, Facebook or Twitter (or 300 more resources).

The platform also has more powerful and visual function of displaying charts – ChartCasts. It allows building in “live charts” to a website or a blog. Charts are displayed in the exact way you have created them, with settings of the technical analysis indicators, periods and color scheme. Visitors of your website can change the way of displaying charts in their browser without changing its initial settings. This option is ideal for traders who want to discuss trading strategies or demonstrate them on live examples.

Amongst the other useful functions there are:

  • Several accounts with different basic currencies
  • Quick switch between demo and live accounts.
  • Sirix has a handy function for designing and saving templates to use them further.
  • All charts can be opened in a separate window with full functionality of the platform.
  • Information about the opening and closing of trading sessions on the world financial markets, which is often critical for decision making.
  • Full integration with cAlgo analytical platform.

Sirix Web

Trade from any part of the world with any device with any display size.

SirixWeb provides access to trading on the financial markets through a Web-browser, which enables you to trade regardless of your location and device that you use.

Advantages of working with the SirixWeb platform:

  • Trade from any location where there is Internet.
  • The platform works with all main Internet browsers
  • A single account with Sirix
  • Depth of Market option
  • Instruments for technical analysis
  • One click trade
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Sirix is a new unique platform for automated trading. It comprises of both Sirix features, such as friendly interface, advanced risk-management settings and some new services. Any trader, who has a Sirix account, can easily become a signal provider or subscriber.

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  • Openness: Sirix is a public community of traders that allows signal providers to share their strategy with any investor, even if these investors are trading with another broker.
  • Transparency: Investors have access to data on profitability, open positions and trading history of every strategy. Moreover, this information can be viewed in different timeframes.
  • Risk management: Signal subscribers can set their own Stop Loss and Take Profit, arrange deposit load and unsubscribe at any time.
  • Intelligence: Sirix advices which percentage of deposit should be set for every signal. These recommendations are based on the analysis of the previously subscribed signals and disparity in equity between subscriber and signal provider.
  • Speed: Company and broker servers are located in the same place, in order to minimize execution delays.

Other advantages:

  • Sirix is fully integrated into Sirix system so the signal providers can share their trading strategy on any platform of the Spotware company.
  • Advanced analytical tools include Return on Investment coefficient (ROI), balance, equity and tradable volume charts. All these diagrams can be viewed for the different time periods.
  • Sirix is available in 16 languages.
  • You can choose between the light and dark colour themes. The full-screen view is also available.
  • It works with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Traders may connect several accounts into one Sirix profile.

EurSwiss Sirix mobile application

Discover the power of Sirix through the native application designed and developed just for Android users.

Experience Sirix faster, more responsive and easier to use than ever before with a seamless sign-up and login process with Facebook, Google or Sirix ID. Sirix does not compromise features, transparency or speed when trading on mobile or tablet devices, you can expect as much information about your trading events and order execution as you would on desktop.

You get access to a complete range of order types, technical analysis tools, price alerts, trade statistics, order management settings, symbol watchlists and a variety of settings to customize the platform for your trading on-the-go requirements.

Features Included

  • 26 Time Frames; from one minute to one month
  • 50+ indicators; all of the most popular indicators are available
  • 4 Chart Types; Candlesticks, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Dots Chart
  • Symbol Watchlists; group and save your favourite symbols
  • Price Alerts; get notified when a price hits a specified level
  • Email Alert Configuration; choose which events you want to know about
  • Market Sentiment Indicator; see how other people are trading
  • QuickTrade Mode; responsive one tap trading
  • Symbol Trading Schedules; so you know when the market is open and closed
  • Detailed Symbol Information; to help you understand the assets your trading
  • Links to News Sources; know more about events that affect your trading
  • Trade Statistics; review your strategy and performance in detail
  • Sign up or Log in with Facebook or Google; fast and convenient

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